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Housekeeping Stuff

Just have a couple of things:

Some people have mentioned a bad ad on the site, something that autoplays sound. I think we've found the ad and it will be removed. SB Nation sells the ad space on here, not us, but they have a policy of not allowing autoplay sound, autoplay video, well that we'll have to live with. Sometimes an ad slips past them, they will sell space to an agency and something will be slipped in without them knowing.

If you come across an ad that autoplays sound, send me a note with what the name of the product, the browser you are using and, if you can, a screen shot. I can pass it on to the people that can fix it. The particular offending ad of the moment, should be gone now. SB Nation hates these things as much as we do.

Ads are a necessary evil, I'm afraid, it costs money to keep this place running.

The other thing, that came up two or three times yesterday, is that we had people wanting to debate the site rules in threads. I really don't want this, especially in game threads. I like the game threads, but I like watching the game too. If we go off on a tangent of talking about the rules, and I miss something in the game, I'm not happy. So, if you have a problem with the rules, or with how they are enforced, instead of talking about it in the thread, send me an email, then I can deal with it at time when I'm not preoccupied with the game. In the thread, just go along with the moderators.

If you want to argue with the mods, understand that I think of it like they are umpires and you are arguing balls and strikes, you might be ejected from the game. It's not that much fun to be a mod, if you make it less fun, well, I need the mods. If you make it a choice of them or you, you'll be banned.

And, yeah, we are going to ask folks to not post gifs in game threads, for, at least the first month of the season. Gifs tend to slow threads down, especially for those on mobile devices. So please don't. After the game is over, we'll let the ban.

For the full site guidelines, click here.