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If this is Wednesday, this must be North Dakota

Let's see more of this, Farrell. Mandatory Credit: Kelley L Cox-US PRESSWIRE
Let's see more of this, Farrell. Mandatory Credit: Kelley L Cox-US PRESSWIRE

Greetings from somewhere in North Dakota, I think this city is called Minot. We rolled into town about 9:00, last night, after a long drive through Saskatchewan (it really is flat) (topographically) (a reference that no one will get). Funny thing about Minot, North Dakata, the restaurants close at 9:00. Someone tried to explain why, but I didn't really understand. Some 'blue' law. I was kind of tired and hungry. Fortunately, they don't consider Applebee's a restaurant and that was allowed to stay open.

The other fun thing about Minot is that the hotels fill up. We were lucky to get rooms.

There was a few moments of excitement, at the US border, when they decided to give our car a through going over and ask us several questions about why we were going into the states. Apparently they didn't believe anyone would drive to Minneapolis to watch baseball. I'm not sure if that was a comment about the Twins or if they just don't like bloggers. We were held up for about an hour, while they decided whether they wanted to let us in or not. I figure Hugo did something to get us on the watch list.

Anyway, we have about a 6 hour drive into the Twin Cities. All going well, we should be there a couple of hours before game time today. We have good seats tonight, so I can yell and scream at Farrell, if he should try putting Cordero into the game in a save situation. I was driving when Francisco gave up that grand slam Tuesday night. The A's radio commentators couldn't believe it. The sad part was, I could believe it.

Good to see that he moved Adam Lind down in the other yesterday. Even better to see that Lind homered. Maybe the move will get him hitting.

We'll have an announcement about a Pick 6 contest starting next Monday as soon as I get all the details. For some reason I've not been getting all my emails while on the road, but the weekly high score and the person with the highest daily score for the week will each be getting a 'Pick 6' t-shirt. So, if you haven't tried out the game yet, now's the time to try it out.

I've gotta get driving. Watch for us at the game tonight. If Francisco plays, I'll be easy to pick out.