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Toronto Blue Jays Sign Vladimir Guerrero To Minor League Deal

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Minutes ago, Fox Sports' Ken Rosenthal reported that the Toronto Blue Jays have signed former Expo, Angel, Ranger, and Oriole Vladimir Guerrero to a minor league contract. Guerrero will report to extended Spring Training in Dunedin. The contract is reported to be worth $1.3 million.

Vladimir Guerrero



Feb 09, 1975

The 37 year old Guerrero was the Orioles' DH last season, playing in 145 games and 590 plate appearances and hitting .290/.317/.416 with 13 homers, 30 doubles, and 63 RBI, but he hit into 23 double plays. Guerrero had a great 2010 and was named to the All-Star Game and received a Silver Slugger Award, hitting .300/.345/.496 with 29 homers and 115 RBIs. Guerrero is probably not able to play any defensive positions any more.

Like most Alex Anthopoulos moves, this signing came from nowhere. I am not sure what the Jays plan to do with Vladdy, and if this is connected to any moves that are forthcoming. I'm sure some Blue Jays fans would like to see Adam Lind shipped away with Edwin Encarnacion taking over first base and Guerrero DHing. I'm not sure if he can still hit with much power in the Major Leagues, and definitely he would be a defensive liability if he is ever needed to put on a glove.

Updates to come.

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