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Random Notes on Yesterday's Game

Got a few minutes before heading out to look around downtown Minneapolis, so share a few thoughts on the game:

  • We were at the ball park for a long time. Got there for the Jay's batting practice, 5 local time. It started to rain at the end of it. Went off to stand in a bar til game time. While we were in and dry, it started pouring. Got the game started soon after 9:00. Kyle couldn't find the strike zone, which didn't speed things along, it was nearing 1:00 AM when we left.
  • Eric Thames throwing arm was exposed. He made a pretty good catch on a ball down the left field line, moving away from the diamond, and the runner at first tagged up to second. A LFer with a good arm would have stopped that. Then the runner scored on a single to left, that Thames didn't make a good throw on.
  • Once again I'll note that Brian Butterfield is the nicest guy you'd ever want to meet. He came and said hi to us during BP, said nice things about our site and, when I mentioned the play where he sent Yunel home from second on the first out, the night before, he said 'a blind squirrel gets an acorn every now and then'.
  • With the rain delay, a lot of folks in our section were drunk by game time. I'm getting old and all, but stop serving people when they are loud and obnixious maybe.

running out hv a great Saturday