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Bluebird Banter Pick 6 Contest

We are running a Pick 6 contest starting Monday May 14. The prize, a snazzy Pick 6 t-shirt. I'm hoping they send me one, I'll get you a picture of it when I get home Wednesday.

The Official Contest Rules, all legal and stuff (written up by the lovely and wonderful SB Nation lawyers) are here. If you'd rather the short form, you enter by making your picks. There will be two winners: the top total score for the week starting Monday May 14 and finishing Sunday, May 20 and the high daily score for the week, whoever gets the most points in any one day. Each will get a t-shirt.

This contest will be going on for 4 weeks. The idea is to get everyone to try out the game. If you haven't tried it, it is great fun.

So get your picks in each day. Good Luck.