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Comeback falls just short, Jays lose to Twins

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Blue Jays 3 Twins 4

This is going to be a quick recap, as we are in Jamestown, this morning, and want to get on the road very quickly.

The game was irritatingly like the entire series, not near enough offense and one bad inning for the starter. The 3 run 5th inning cost Ricky, other than that he got himself in and out of trouble most innings. He had more troubles with the Twins than I expected, considering they don't have much for offence. He gave up 9 hits and 5 walks in 5.1. Not a good start at all.

And the offense couldn't figure out Scott Diamond, recently called up from the minors. He went a pretty easy 7 innings, allowing just 5 hits, no walks and getting 4 k. We did score 3 runs off reliever Jared Burton, and got the tying run to 2nd, in the 9th, but couldn't score him,

Jay of the Day is Edwin Encarnacion (176 WPA off a 3 for 4 and a steal). I'll give honorable mention to Rajai Davis (2 for 3, 2 steals). He also had a throwing error that I'm not sure was his fault. A ball down the left field line, he got to it pretty quick and threw to second, I figured it would be a close play, but no one was covering second. Fortunately, Edwin backed up the play, and then made a nice try to get the runner at third. I don't know why Kelly Johnson wasn't covering the bag.

Suckage: Ricky (-.144), Ben Francisco (-.197, 0 for 3), Rasmus (-.137, 0 for 4, swinging at everything), Johnson (-.124, 1 for 5, struck out with the tying run at second to end the game), Brett Lawrie (-.101, 1 for 4)

Split the 4 game series with the Twins, which isn't good enough. Twins had mostly a Triple-A team facing us, plus Mauer and Span and we couldn't win the series. We should be doing better.