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Tuesday Bluebird Linkage

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I love mid-pitch pictures.  Always so awkward looking.
I love mid-pitch pictures. Always so awkward looking.

Well that was a disappointing start to the home stand for the Jays. Hopefully they can rebound tonight, but David Price seems to save his best for the Jays so we'll see. At least my softball team won our first game of the year so it wasn't a completely disappointing night! As usual, I'll start you off with game recaps from Mike Wilner, Brendan Kennedy (Toronto Star), Gregor Chisholm and here's the recap of the Las Vegas win from yesterday.


Blue Jays helping bring baseball to Haiti
A nice feel-good story about Rogers impact on youngsters in Haiti.

Blue Jays’ Brandon Morrow embraces being a role model for diabetics
Brandon Morrow has quite a routine to follow in order to keep is diabetes in check. His 'personal mission' is to let diabetic kids know that their dreams are possible.

Tampa Bay Rays at Toronto Blue Jays - May 15, 2012
Gameday preview of tonight's game.

With the Blue Jays, expect the unexpected
According to Farrell, the results of the 10 game road trip were unacceptable.

Is Toronto Blue Jays slugger Jose Bautista about to break out?
Guy Spurrier at the National Post takes a look at pitch selection and compares Bautista's hitting outcomes between 2011 and 2012. Nice article from a daily, with actual analysis.

Santos progressing, throws from 90 feet
Good news! McGowan is throwing as well according to the Chisholm piece.

Has Brett Lawrie Already saved 14 runs so far this year?
Tango chimes in on Lawrie's crazy defensive metrics thus far. Some interesting discussion in the comments as well.

A Review of the New Blue Jays Uniforms
Ian at The Bluejay Hunter likes the new uni's. Now that we've seen them in action for a month, what are everyone's thoughts?

More Links, from around the league, after the jump!


Did Josh Hamilton just have the best week in MLB history?
I'm sure everyone heard about Hamilton's week. He hit .467 with 2 doubles and 9 homers. He had a 4 HR game. Not bad. Regarding the 4 HR game:

The slugger, who can be a free agent for the first time after this season, became only the 16th major leaguer with that four-homer game last Tuesday at Baltimore. To put the rarity into perspective, there have been 21 perfect games.

Paul Swydan at FanGraphs also took a look at Hamilton's week, here.

On a side note, any guesses as to what kind of contract Hamilton will end up with? He's a free agent at the end of the year, but how risky (considering his injury problems) would it be to tie up Hamilton to a long-term deal?

Impact Index: Bullpen Double Trifecta
Three of the best bullpen performances of the season. Three of the worst. All in the same ballpark, all within a few hours of each other.

Pettitte’s Return A Mixed Bag For Yankees
The results of Pettitte's first start weren't great, but the Yanks can be cautiously optimistic about his ability to be a positive contributor going forward.

New York Mets to offer extension to David Wright
Any predictions on what kind of salary he'll end up with?

Bryce Harper hits first major league home run

He’s the youngest player in the majors — and, at 19 years, 211 days old, the youngest to hit a homer since Adrian Beltre of the Los Angeles Dodgers connected when he was 19 years, 171 days old on Sept. 25, 1998, according to STATS LLC.

The first of many I'm sure. On a side note, how long until Harper is the most hated player in baseball?