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Talking About the Greatest Guy to Take on the Cobra Kai: GameThread for Tampa Bay Rays at Toronto Blue Jays, 15 May 2012, 7:07 PM EDT

After last night's loss, the Jays look to split the short series against the Rays tonight by salvaging the second and final game. The less said about that game, perhaps, the better. Brandon had been living dangerously and some bad luck ended up burning him in the end.

Hopefully Henderson Alvarez can find the plate and succeed where Ricky Romero and Brandon Morrow have failed on consecutive days. If there's one thing I feel confident in about Henderson's game then it's his ability to be stingy with the free passes: ZiPS, for example, projects him to walk fewer than two batters per nine from here on out.

Still waiting for the Jays bats to wake up and things won't be getting any easier for them tonight, having to face David Price. The former first overall pick has had a strong start to the season already (5-2, 2.98 ERA, 3.32 xFIP) and has, of course, been one of the better pitchers in baseball over the past few seasons. Nonetheless, after falling flat against some third-tier pitchers (PJ Walters, Scott Diamond, Cesar Ramos, and Wade Davis), maybe they can put something together against a frontline starter.

Tonight's thread title comes from The Know How's "Daniel LaRusso Is Going to Fight!" a song by Gainesville-based ska band The Know How that I haven't heard in years but very much enjoyed in my younger days.

As always, don't forget the ground rules:

1. Please no Gifs or images during the game threads. The threads go by quick and with a lot of people tend to slow down for people. We understand it isn't as bad for people already in the thread but anyone new coming in has a nightmare of a time loading mutliple images. --- As a side note as the game end we will lift the ban and you can go as crazy as you like.
2. Don't argue with any of the moderators. Think of it like arguing balls and strikes, you can get tossed. If you have a problem with the rules feel free to e-mail either Tom or another manager (our e-mail is at the bottom of the page).
3. No linking to any illegal streams