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I Find Your Lack of Faith...Disturbing. Jays Vs Evil. Wed. May 16th 2012

Hello from sunny over cast Florida! It's your faithful servant TFSML. I have very limited Wi-Fi down here in our St. Pete Beach condo so I'm reduced to standing on a stool holding my MacBook over my head in hopes I can steal the neighbour's unlocked Wi-Fi. I suppose I could go to a Starbucks to finish writing this but...

Anyway since I have no TV cable access I'm blissfully unaware of how much the Jays are sucking and what Brett Lawrie is facing suspension wise. I have maintained from the get-go that Brett is a major spazz -regardless if he was justified-he has always struck me as the jock in HS we all would have lived in fear of unless we were his teammate. My only chance of survival would have been to become his toady and sic him on all of you, I digress...

Line-ups hopefully after the jump...

I'm sure this little 2 gamer is going to be a hotly contested affair and make for an excellent GameThread. But instead of baseball analysis I'll instead talk about my favorite subject -me.

Yesterday I spent most of the day in the pool trying to teach my daughter how to swim. She clung to the railing in the shallow end for the first hour so I tried to prove to her what a cool Dad I am by swimming the length of the pool and back underwater in one breath. Unfortunately after the the first length I got turned around and like a manatee into a glass wall, rammed my face into the side wall of the pool. I almost broke the bridge of my nose and now have a wicked scab there and a mouse over my right eye. Add in the fact that I got a solid sunburn I now look like the Toxic Avenger with less muscle tone. So I'll have to try and dull my pain with Uncle Andy's(Shout out to ML) Ice Cream and alcohol.

Tomorrow I'll be at Busch Gardens all day so there may not be a line-up attached to the Gamethread but you'll be fine I'm sure.

So just stay strong and remember I love ya'll.

Kyle Drabek

#4 / Pitcher / Toronto Blue Jays





Dec 08, 1987

Hiroki Kuroda

#18 / Pitcher / New York Yankees





Feb 10, 1975


1. Kelly Johnson (L) 2B 1. Curtis Granderson (L) CF
2. Eric Thames (L) LF 2. Nick Swisher (S) RF
3. Jose Bautista (R) RF 3. Robinson Cano (L) 2B
4. Edwin Encarnacion(R) 1B 4. Alex Rodriguez (R) 3B
5. Brett Lawrie (R) 3B 5. Mark Teixeira (S) 1B
6. Colby Rasmus (L) CF 6. Raul Ibanez (L) LF
7. J.P. Arencibia (R) C 7. Eric Chavez (L) DH
8. Adam Lind (L) DH 8. Russell Martin (R) C
9. Omar Vizquel (S) SS 9. Jayson Nix (R) SS

If you don't know the rules by now you're either a near criminal jack-hole or a super Noob.

Here is the Cole's notes version:

1. No GIFs or images

2. Don't diss

3. No illegal stream requests or posts

4. No fantasy chat -Thou shalt be mocked vigorously!