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Brett Lawrie, Understandably, Goes Nuts.

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Rays 4 Blue Jays 3

So that was another depressing game.

I'm sure you've all seen Brett's little meltdown, (if you haven't it is here) after two awful calls by plate umpire Bill Miller. Lawrie will get a suspension. I'd like to see Miller get a suspension too. On the second pitch, Miller wasn't calling the pitch, he was calling out Lawrie for showing him up on the first awful call. Umpires shouldn't be doing that. And, if they are going things like that, they gotta make it less blatant. There is no way he could have though that was a strike. He just wanted to make a point with a young play, and he looked like a fool doing it.

It wasn't that Miller made a mistake, it's that he wanted teach Lawrie a lesson. If an umpire can't overcome some personal vendetta with a player, then he shouldn't be umpiring. Bill Miller shouldn't be umpiring. He made a joke of the game, and might have cost the Jays a chance to win. That should get him fired.

Calls like that are an embarrassment to the game. Baseball has to get control back from the umpires.

The rest of the game? Well, again we didn't score enough. Edwin Encarnacion hit his 12th home run, but we didn't do much else. We had 6 hits total. 2 for Rajai Davis. 1 each for Kelly Johnson, Jose Bautista, Edwin and Brett.

Henderson Alvarez wasn't great, 6.2 innings, 10 hits, only 1 strikeout, but he still could have won. 4 errors cost us 2 unearned runs. Alvarez made a bad throwing error in a bunt single. Brett had an throwing error. Yunel Escobar and Rajai each had a bad error.

Jay of the Day is Edwin (.099 WPA). Davis (.102) had the number but I'm subtracting points for the error that allowed the tying run to score. Suckage awards go to Henderson (-.222), Rasmus (-.168, 0 for 4), Yunel (-.149, 0 for 4) and Johnson (-.103, 1 for 4).

Yankees are in town for a series starting tonight.