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Jays Hit 4 Home Runs, Beat Yankees.

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Yankees 1 Blue Jays 8

Now that was more like it. We scored a bunch of runs, got good pitching and didn't make any errors.

J.P. Arencibia, Edwin Encarnacion, Jose Bautista and Kelly Johnson all homered. Nice to see Jose clobber one, it left the park in a hurry. We had 11 hits. 3 each for JP and Edwin. 2 for Kelly. Brett Lawrie, Colby Rasmus and Omar Vizquel had 0 fors.

Kyle Drabek had a much better start than last time out against the Twins. He only allowed 3 hits in 7 innings. Too many walks, 4, but 2 of those were in his last inning of work. He kept the ball on the ground, 13 ground outs, with just 2 fly outs. He did get a gift call in the 7th, with 2 on, Curtis Granderson hit a ball to Omar, who tossed the ball to Johnson. The trouble was that Kelly was a long way from the bag, playing Granderson to pull, and he got there just a little after the base runner. But the umpire still called him out.

Luis Perez pitched a scoreless 8th, getting 2 strikeouts, giving up 2 walks. Francisco Cordero pitched a perfect 9th, as hard as that might be to believe.

Jays of the Day are Kyle (.215 WPA), Edwin (.200) and JP (.189). No suckage Jays, Colby had the low mark at -.036. It would be nice if he would start hitting sometime.

Tomorrow we have game two of the series, Phil Hughes (3-4, 5.50 in 7 starts) gets the ball for the Yankees. Drew Hutchison (2-1, 5.53 in 5 starts), coming off his best start of his young career, goes for the Jays.

No fireworks tonight. We din't see Lawrie talk to Bill Miller, but I imagine an apology was offered by Brett. They did show Brian Butterfield talking to Miller.