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Blue Jays Send Adam Lind to Minors, Call Up Yan Gomes

Ummmm wow....I really have no words.

Adam Lind isn't hitting at all, just .186, but I didn't figure on this. I thought perhaps released or something, but not sent to the minors.

Yan Gomes, well we saw him in spring training. I don't see him as a great prospect, but he'll likely hit better than Lind is at the moment. Gomes is hitting ,359 in Vegas. He'll be the first Brazilian to play in the majors, when he gets into a game. I don't see him playing a lot, but who knows.

Just wow....

Just to clarify, I'm sure you all knew this, but Lind is going to Vegas.

I really don't see them fixing Lind. I've lost any hope that he'll be the player we saw in 2009 ever again. I mean, he should be better than he is looking right now, but I think last year's numbers are closer to his real ability than 2009's were, but we are playing him a fair bit of money, and I thought the team would give him til the All-Star break to show something.

I imagine EE will be seeing the bulk of the time at first with Gomes spelling him at times. DH? Maybe Gomes. Maybe they will play Davis more. I wouldn't mind them calling Snider up and then they could have a complicated platoon with Snider, Thames and EE playing against RHP and Gomes, Davis and EE playing against LHP.