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Brett Lawrie Drops Suspension Appeal

Brett Lawrie has dropped the appeal of his suspension and will be out of the lineup starting tonight. Yan Gomes will play third tonight and I presume for the 4 games. Alex Anthopoulos says that Ben Francisco will DH tonight.

Alex also says that, when the suspension is over, they may make another roster move.

The announcement of the suspension came too late in the day to decide to drop the appeal before last night's game, but the team and Lawrie want to get the suspension behind them as quickly as possible, so they decided together to drop it.

Alex also said that Brett talked to Bill Miller before last night's game.

I figured they would keep the appeal until after the game against the Yankees tonight but they felt they wanted to get it over with as quick as they can. They also figured that there wouldn't be a reduction of the length, as Joe Torre started that he knew the helmet hitting the umpire wasn't intentional, so that was already factored into the length of the suspension.