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Alex Anthopoulos Talks About Demotion of Adam Lind

Maybe we'll see him back and doing more of this. Maybe.  (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)
Maybe we'll see him back and doing more of this. Maybe. (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Alex talked to the media today about Adam Lind's demotion. Here are some notes:

  • It's a chance for Adam to "clear his head". That Vegas is a better place to work things out, not as much pressure, not as much media, not the need to win.
  • He mentioned that Edwin Encarnacion was sent down and that it did him good to be away from the team for a bit. Alex said that Edwin has told him that it helped him to be in Vegas.
  • Edwin was only down for a week and a half, so they are hoping that this is just as short a detour for Adam (I doubt it somehow). Alex says that EE was the hardest working player they had in Vegas, during his time there. That Edwin didn't mope and worked very hard to get back and that they are hoping for the same from Adam.
  • Alex made the point that this has happened to many, many players. Used Cliff Lee as an example. I'm thinking that it doesn't happen to 28 year old, former Silver Slugger award winners. I can't really see him becoming what he was in 2009 but he should be able to hit better than .180.
  • Alex said that there isn't anything mechanically wrong with Lind's swing, that timing is the problem. They aren't looking for him to change anything about the swing, just get his head straight.
  • Adam looked 'frustrated' and that is part of why they are sending him down.
  • Adam agreed that this is the best move at the moment.
  • This is Adam's last option, he had no right to decline the move.
  • Gomes was 'swinging the bat best' among the players in Vegas.
  • There might be another move coming after the Lawrie suspension is served.
  • Asked about long term solutions to first base, if Adam doesn't turn it around, Alex mentioned David Cooper but also mentioned how well Mike McDade is doing in New Hampshire and says he is a possibility as well.
  • Dropping the suspension appeal was Brett Lawrie's choice, since they felt there was little chance of a reduction in the length.