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Beeper's Goin' Off Like Don Trump's Got Checks / Keep My Bases Loaded Like the New York Mets: 5/18 Game Thread, Mets at Jays

I hope everyone is enjoying their Friday. It has been a very long week of work and the weekend promises only more work, although I am really looking forward to catching "Whisper of the Heart" this weekend at the American Film Institute Theatre with my little girl(they are doing a Miyazaki retrospective). It is a beautiful theater, a beautiful film, and my little girl is very excited about it given her general love for Miyazaki films - we're working our way through the catalog.

Anyway, after a series sweep over the New York Yankees, catapulting them into third place the Jays now take on their cross-town rivals, Apu's favorite team, the Nye Mets. This series also kicks off interleague play, everyone's favorite Selig-era punching bag. The Jays were 8-10 in interleague play last season, so they'll want to improve their record against the senior circuit if they intend to contend.

The Metropolitans are off to a pretty good start, with a record 1/2 game better than the Jays. Franchise player David Wright has been terrific, and R.A. Dickey, Jonathan Niese, and Johann Santana have anchored a pretty good starting staff. Niese will start today for the Mets.

Ricky Romero goes for the Blue Jays, and Romero is still looking to find his groove in 2012. The 3.88 ERA looks okay at first blush, but he is striking out a batter fewer per nine innings, and walking a batter more, as compared to last season. Romero is still getting a good number of ground balls, and he has been a bit unlucky on home runs (though he has been lucky on balls in play), but he just hasn't gotten into a groove yet. Perhaps he can start that against the Mets.

Not sure if I'll be around to post lineups, as I'll be working a bit late today and then heading out for happy hour before heading home to watch the game.

Today's title comes from the amazing Tribe Called Quest's song "Skypager". Just like the Mets, Tribe hail from the borough of Queens. If you like hip-hop and you havent' yet seen New York native Michael Rappaport's documentary about them, you should really check it out.