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Lonely Numbers: Uniform Numbers Worn By Only One Blue Jay

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It is well known that Yan Gomes is the first ever Brazilian-born player in the Major Leagues, but it is perhaps less known that he is the first Toronto Blue Jays player in history to have #68. All numbers from 1-60 have been worn by at least two Blue Jays players, but numbers outside of this range are much more rare to see on the back of a player's uniform (after spring training, that is).

Here are the 8 uniform numbers that have been worn by just a single Blue Jay in franchise history:


Al Oliver (1985)

Al Oliver switched to #0 in 1978 with the Texas Rangers and wore it for the rest of his career. He ended it as a platoon designated hitter with the Blue Jays, sharing the position with Cliff Johnson.


Cliff Johnson (1985-1986)

Johnson wore #44 in his first stint as a Blue Jay but changed over to #00 when he returned possibly since Jeff Burroughs was wearing his old number. Johnson and Oliver were probably the only teammates to wear #0 and #00 together in the MLB.


Kevin Gregg (2010)

While no other player has worn #63, coaching assistant Luis Rivera currently sports this number on the back of his uniform.


Juan Guzman (1991-1995)

Guzman switched to #57 for the remainder of his career starting in 1996 after a horrible 1995 campaign.


Yan Gomes (2012-)

Gomes became the first player born in Brazil to play in the Major Leagues. He wore #7 for the Las Vegas 51s and #44 for the University of Tennessee.


Pete Munro (1994)

Munro wore the giggle-inducing #69 briefly in 1994 before switching numbers to #13 the same season. Drew Hutchison wore #69 in spring training this year.


Domingo Cedeño (1993)

When Cedeno was a called up for the 1993 Blue Jays, he wore #70. He switched to #20 for the rest of this time with Toronto.


Rene Gonzalez (1991)

Gonzalez liked the number 8. He wanted to wear it for the Expos but someone named Gary Carter had it already so he wore #19 instead. When he was traded to the Orioles for Dennis Martinez, he found some guy named Cal Ripken, Jr. already in that uniform, so he doubled up the digits. He liked it so much he wore that for the rest of his career, save for two games with the Rockies.

Bullpen Catcher Alex Andreopoulos is currently wearing #61, which has never been worn by a player or an official coach. Other numbers that have yet to be issued: 64, 65, 67, 71-87, 89-99.