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More On Adam Lind

So we know a few ore things about Adam Lind being put on outright waivers:

  • Lind said he didn't know about it. That doesn't surprise me, players aren't generally told about these things.
  • John Farrell said that he didn't know about. That does surprise me. He says he thinks Adam can turn it around. He must be the only one in the Jays' organization that does, or he'd still be on the 40-man roster.
  • Alex Anthopoulos really hasn't said much about it, other than it is a private matter for the team.
  • Some folks are guessing that Adam asked for this. No chance. It doesn't do anything for Adam. He could ask to be released. That could help, but asking to be put on waivers doesn't. No one is going to pick him up with that salary.
  • I've seen a couple of dozen tweets saying 'why didn't Alex try to trade him?'. Of course Alex tried to trade him and he's still trying.Ttaking him off the 40-man is telling the other GM that you are willing to take any deal, to get him off your hands and that you are willing to send money with it.
  • The thing that gets me is that Alex talked to the media on a phone press conference and said that Adam we going down, just like Edwin Encarnacion did, to get his head straight and work on things. Alex said that Edwin was only in Vegas for 10 days and he hoped that Adam wouldn't be down long either. By putting him on waivers, well it is obvious Alex was lying to us. If you think he is going to the minors for a few days, or month, you don't take him off the 40-man roster. I know 'it isn't a lie if you know the truth' and all. And more importantly, Alex doesn't owe us the truth on everything. But I don't see it being helpful to be lying so openly to the press. Telling us Thursday that he's hoping Adam will be back soon and then Saturday telling us he won't be back, that doesn't do much for your credibility. If it were JP, Richard Griffin would be all over him for the lie.

Tomorrow will be an interesting day, roster moves are coming.