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Monday Morning Media Mashup: Victoria Day Edition

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Edwin Encarnacion tries to make a "V" for Victoria. (Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images)
Edwin Encarnacion tries to make a "V" for Victoria. (Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Happy Victoria Day everyone! I will be enjoying this day off away from the computer as much as possible, until game time and the game thread, of course.

Yesterday, I was one of the 41,867 at the Rogers Centre to watch the Toronto Blue Jays lose 6-5 to the New York Mets. I was also one of the lucky 20,000 who picked up a Brandon Morrow bobblehead despite running super late (instead of being at the gates by 11 am, that was when I rolled out of bed). I think doubling the number of giveaways this year is the second best move the Blue Jays management made this past offseason, after the logo change. There were quite a few Bluebird Banterers at the park as well and I got to briefly meet yleviticus, who sat just a couple sections away. Bowling_Guy25 was too shy to say hi. Or maybe he just hates me.

After the game I raced up to Christie Pits to catch the end of the Intercounty Baseball League game between the defending champions Brantford Red Sox and the Toronto Maple Leafs. It was an old fashioned blowout, with the hometown Leafs losing 21-7. But it didn't matter to me--it was a beautiful sunny day and I got to catch up with an old friend who plays for the Sox. By this time I had been out in the hot sun for about 6 hours and sweating buckets so I was glad to stumble into a Korean restaurant in that area that serves naengmyeon, or cold buckwheat noodles in an icy vinegary broth. It was my first try and it was pretty good--the noodles were excellent and tangy but the broth left something to be desired. Does anyone know of the best place in Toronto to get naengmyeon?

OK enough about me. Here are your Victoria Day links!

Blue Jays Related

The Mount Rushmore of the Toronto Blue Jays - High Heat Stats
If you had to chose four Toronto Blue Jays to permanently be carved into the side of a mountain, who would they be? After much thought I decided on: Dave Stieb, Roberto Alomar, Tony Fernandez, and Roy Halladay. (Also check out the one for the Montreal Expos)

Numbers Game: Toronto Blue Jays are swinging long and hard - National Post
Guy Spurrier profiles the farthest and fastest homers hit this year.

Toronto Blue Jays ponder next step for Yan Gomes - National Post
With Brett Lawrie re-joining the club today, what are the Jays going to do with Yan Gomes? He had a great first 4 MLB games, but should he be playing every day in the minors?

Jays could have done Wright thing - Toronto Sun
Bob Elliott tells us again that J.P. Ricciardi could've acquired a 19-year old David Wright from the Mets for Jose Cruz, Jr. Further down, he reports that apparently the guy who tossed the beer at Bill Miller actually escaped security because their walkie-talkies were on different bands.

Jays' Alex Anthopoulos in no-lose situation with Adam Lind - Toronto Star

Richard Griffin weighs in on Adam Lind. I tend to agree with him.

Toronto Blue Jays' manager 'not aware' Adam Lind is on waivers - National Post
The media and the internet do a good job at making controversy. But John Farrell is right when he explained that placement on outright waivers, unlike being removed from the roster by being designated for assignment, is confidential until the actual outright transaction is made.

Why Was Adam Lind Placed On Waivers?
Callum Hughson wonders if work ethic is why Adam Lind was demoted then (reportedly) placed on outright waivers.

Here's a song for ... er, to Morrow ... - Batter's Box Interactive Magazine

Baseball lyricist Mick Doherty wrote up this little ditty on Brandon Morrow (to the tune of the famous song from Annie). Now someone sing it and email it to JohnnyG for the next podcast.

Backyard Baseball - The Tao of Stieb
The Org Guy looks back to his childhood watching baseball with his dad in the backyard (awww). Oh and also Henderson Alvarez's regression, Colby Rasmus's offensive struggles, and Jose Bautista. I can't find the audio on the, but the Tao was on the radio Sunday morning before the game.

Blue Jays centre-fielder Colby Rasmus makes spectacular non-catch - Toronto Star
Brief article on Rasmus' non-catch in center. It still deserves to be on highlight reels--it was a spectacular effort.

Lawrie’s helmet toss keeps stories spinning - Toronto Star
Raju Mudhar is the latest to weigh in on Lawrie's incident.

First pitch of the 8th - Baseball is Magic
Greg Wisniewski talks about the magic of timelessness in baseball.

@james_in_to's Blue Jays photos
James has amazing seats, an amazing camera, and amazing skills. Take a look at his professional-quality fan pics from the Rogers Centre!

Three Jays games in time-lapse - Toronto Star
This is kind of cool. Star photographer Carlos Osorio puts together 1179 of the pictures he took at the Rogers Centre in the past week into a time lapse video.

Down On The Farm and Around The League links after the jump!

Down On The Farm

A.J. Jimenez heading for Tommy John surgery - Gray Matter Baseball ... and Life
Blue Jays blue chip catching prospect A.J. Jimenez will have to miss about a year with severe damage to his elbow ligament (Dr. Sal Fasano says it is "hanging by a thread"). Jimenez will most likely require Tommy John surgery.

1BJW Interview: AJ Jimenez - 1 Blue Jays Way
Jay Floyd chats with Jimenez right before his injury. It's kinda sad to hear him talk about how he is enjoying his good start and his previous elbow injury.

Lansing Lugnuts Profile: Justin Nicolino, a left-handed pitcher from Orlando -
Larry Hook talks to Justin Nicolino.

Optimistic Blue Jays keeping tabs on 51s' parade of prospects - Las Vegas Review-Journal
Todd Dewey speaks with Charlie Wilson, Blue Jays' director of minor league operations, about the prospects currently playing with the Las Vegas 51s.

51s' deep, experienced bullpen brings heat, ignites resurgence - Las Vegas Review-Journal
Mark Anderson profiles 51s reliever Bobby Korecky.

Around The League

Major league teams working on social media message - Yahoo! Sports
The Chicago Cubs' marketing folks use Twitter to identify Cubs fans celebrating their birthday or their first game then prepare a goodie bag to be placed at their seat before they arrive. The Cleveland Indians, lacking fans, reach out by having a social media suite and President Mark Shapiro would occasionally stop by to chat and answer concerns. Neat. Makes the Jays' "Tweeting Tuesdays" events look inadequate and uninspiring.

Empty seats have Indians' Perez angry at fans - The Globe and Mail

Whatever Shapiro has achieved with the Social Media Suite may crumble because of a reliever's comments chastising fans.

MLB's 2013 interleague schedule is a huge step in the right direction - ESPN
Jayson Stark explains the planned Interleague schedule for 2013. Since Interleague play will occur throughout the season, does it mean AL pitchers will have to take batting practice year-round? Seriously, MLB, time to impose the designated hitter onto the National League.

Baseball On Par With Other Professional Sports In Dealing With Bad Umpires - Baseball Nation

Wendy Thurm writes about how baseball and other pro sports punish officials who behave badly.

Dodgers' Mark Ellis came within hours of possibly losing his leg - Los Angeles Times
Horrifying story. Ellis had built up enough fluid in his leg muscles to have caused muscle death and if immediate surgery was not performed.

Lance Berkman Awaits MRI Results, Considers Retirement - Getting Blanked
Lance Berkman was one of my favourite players, save his brief stint as a Yankee.