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Bluebird Banter Pick 6 Prize Winners

Our first week of our Pick 6 contest is over and we have winners:

The winner for the top score for the week is hansdampf.

The winner for the best daily score during the week is J-DUBZ.

What I need from you two is to check that the email address you have on file here with SB Nation is one that you still use, because you will be getting an email on that. You'll be asked for an address to send you your shirt. If you no longer use that email, send me a note and I'll pass on your address to the powers that be.

A new contest starts today. So get your picks in. It is a 7:00 Eastern deadline.

Congratulations both of you, great work both of you.


Here are the rules for week two of our Pick 6 contest. As always, by play, you accept the rules. Sorry for those of you in Quebec.