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Yesterday's Bluebird Banter Pick 6 Leader Board

Here is yesterday's leaderboard:

Rank Player Points
1 Siefert 62.6
2 Sack of Wet Mice 58.4
3 vitaliano10 52.6
4 boltspeedman 49.6
5 zaheer.bulsara 48.8
6 Goof Smith 48.4
7 Kurupt 48.2
8 Smitty1234 47.6
9 blazekng 46.2
10 rancemulliniks 45.9

I was 29th. Picking Yu Darvish seemed like a good idea at the time. He was pitching in Seattle against the Mariners, pretty safe pick, I thought, but it didn't work out. So I have a bit of an uphill battle to get into the ten 10 for the week.

Today's deadline is 7:05 Eastern. Be sure to get you picks in.