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Why not bring up David Cooper?

John Farrell said that the Jays need to get Adam Lind right and back to the major league club because they are too right side heavy in the lineup at the moment.

So why not bring up David Cooper? You want another lefty in the lineup, he hits from the left side. He's only hitting .308/.381/.513 in Vegas.

It wouldn't necessarily be for long, Vlady is maybe a couple of weeks, or so, away from being ready to be brought up. We aren't talking about a long term thing, unless Cooper does really well. Gomes has been good, in 10 at bats. 10 at bats shouldn't be enough to change the ideas of an organization. You want a lefty, you have Cooper, who really has nothing more to show in Vegas, give him a couple of weeks to show what he can do.

I get the feeling the Jays have written off Cooper. He doesn't have enough power, I agree. But, you want a lefty in the lineup and Travis Snider is injured, Cooper is already down an option this year, it won't cost a thing to play him for a bit.

Or, if you are really sure you don't want Cooper, try Michael McDade. He's hitting great in New Hampshire. He's a switch hitter who hits better from the left side. He's on the 40-man, again it wouldn't cost anything to let him see what it is like to ride on major league airplanes, for a bit.

The team said there would be a move Monday. Monday came and went, nothing happened. I really don't like the idea of the team changing their minds off 10 at bats. It suggests they don't trust their evaluations.

Anyway, lets have a poll.