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Pick 6 Early Deadline Reminder

Just a quick reminder that it is Memorial Day on the other side of the border so there are early games, you'll need to get your picks in before the 1:00 Eastern deadline.

It is the start of a new week for the contest, I'll get the winners of last week's posted last today.

If you haven't played the game yet, give it a try. Our blog is one of the top sites on SB Nation for number of players of Pick 6 but we'd like to be number 1. Unlike normal fantasy baseball, there isn't a huge time commitment. It takes me just a few minutes to pick my 6 each day. Some days go well, some days less so.

Rank Player Points
1 leafs71 91.2
2 J-DUBZ 89.6
3 SGD143 85.6
4 taawr 85.1
5 mikestones 84.5
6 Microbrew83 84.3
7 upstate jay fan 81.4
8 Awayce 79.6
9 Dub_T 76.8
10 mavadjdj 76.8

I was 13th yesterday. Not too bad. My smart choice was Gio Gonzalez