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Tuesday Links

Fist pump!
Fist pump!

Game recaps from Mike Wilner, John Lott and Brendan Kennedy, and a recap from the Las Vegas win.


Baltimore Orioles at Toronto Blue Jays - May 29, 2012
Gameday preview of tonight's game.

Jays vs. MLB umps
Omar Vizquel has some advice for the frustrated Jays.

How Blue Jays latest roster moves affect Adeiny Hechavarria
Griffin breaks down the recent Jays roster moves.

Nomad Chavez finds a home
Vagabond Jesse Chavez hopes a successful springtime move to the rotation has finally allowed him to find a home with the Toronto Blue Jays.

Toronto Blue Jays prospect Anthony Gose has tools, confidence
Nothing really new here but I always like reading the prospect pieces.

2012 MLB Draft Target No. 7: Chris Stratton
Jays Journal is looking at some potential draft targets of the Jays. They are also continuing their top prospects posts.


A Graphic Look at Adam Jones Production vs Actual Cost
A Beyond the Boxscore graphic.

Who Will Come Out Of The AL East?
Parkes looks at ZiPS projections and in a regression piece.

Controversial call by umpire Bill Welke costs Tigers (GIF)
The Jays aren't the only ones with umpire issues.

Should Rockies Give Up On Jamie Moyer?
Rob Neyer thinks the jury is still out, but that we might not be seeing much more of Moyer.

Barry Bonds hoping to help out with Giants
Well, that could be interesting.

No No-No, No Cry
No Mets pitcher has ever thrown a no-hitter - Craig Glaser wonders how unlikely their no no-no streak is, and how many no-hitters would we expect them to have?