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Bluebird Banter Pick 6 Leader Board

A new week, a new contest. I haven't been sent the names of the winners of last week's yet, I'm hoping to find out today.

Rank Player Points
1 dannyofbosnia 63.6
2 taawr 63.4
3 StreakyJays 58.2
4 Matt_CC 55.5
5 honours6 55.3
6 BrodyBats 54.6
7 mathesond 49.9
8 Mike-Pic 49.8
9 TonyWalsh 49.7
10 austinja 49.7

Me? 31st. I'm pretty happy with that since 3 of my picks didn't play. I figured Josh Hamilton was a good choice since they were playing against Seattle. Say with JP, the day after 2 home runs and getting to face Tommy Hunter. It didn't think they'd want to give him a day off. Oh well, new day, new game.

Reminder: there is an afternoon game today so the deadline for your picks is 2:20 Eastern. Be sure to get your picks in.