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BBBWA Award: Play Of The Month for April


In a new feature for 2012, every month you will be able to vote for the Bluebird Banter Writers' Association Awards in three categories: Player of the Month, Pitcher of the Month, and Play of the Month. Yesterday, we released our ballot for Player of the Month.

Today, we will be opening the ballot for the best Play of the Month and we are asking you to vote for who you thought was the greatest play turned by the Toronto Blue Jays in April 2012, using whatever definition of "best" you like.

The plays nominated for the award all received at least 2 nominations from Bluebird Banter staff, and are listed in chronological order.

Discuss which play you voted for in the comments! Are there any plays not listed that we should have nominated?

This poll will be open until Saturday, May 5 10:30 am. Voting for the Pitcher of the Month will commence tomorrow morning at 10:30 am.

Nominees and videos after the jump!


J.P. Arencibia's go-ahead 3-run homer in the 16th inning (April 5)

Colby Rasmus' diving catch in the home opener (April 9)

Triple play versus Kansas City (April 20)

Kelly Johnson's shovel pass to Adam Lind (April 23)