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There Are Angels In Your Angles / There's a Low Moon Caught In Your Tangles: 5/3 Game Thread, Jays at Angels

Hi everyone. After successful series against Seattle and Texas, the Jays take on the Los Angeles Angels (nee' of Anaheim) and old friends Scott Downs and Vernon Wells. The AL East is turned almost upside down with the Rays and Orioles on top and the Yankees and Red Sox on the bottom, but somehow the Jays still end up right in the middle.

Brandon Morrow pitches for the Jays and looks to follow up on a very successful start against Seattle (granted not a powerhouse offense) in which he struck out 9 over six scoreless innings while scattering 5 hits and walking no one. He has had some issues with home runs this year, but is limiting the walks and dingers hurt a lot less when there aren't men on base. The consistently excellent Dan Haren pitches for the Angels and he looks to be off to another terrific season with almost a K per inning so far and 6 punch-outs for each walk.

It's a late game here on the east coast, so I'll need some help with the overflow threads.

Today's title comes from the song "Of Angels and Angles" by the Decemberists. I have sort of gone back and forth on the Decemberists, but they won me over for good when they based a music video on a classic scene from Infinite Jest, probably my second-favorite book ever.

Lineups after the jump:

Blue Jays: