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View From the Other Side: Angel Questions for Rev Halofan of Halos Heaven

Los Angeles Angels first baseman Albert Pujols (5) strikes out. Credit: David Richard-US PRESSWIRE
Los Angeles Angels first baseman Albert Pujols (5) strikes out. Credit: David Richard-US PRESSWIRE

With the Blue Jays starting a 4 game series with the Los Angeles Angels tonight, I sent off some questions for the famous Rev Halofan (who I met last summer, nice guy, he kept me updated on the Jays/Angels game, even though the Jays were winning big)who writes over at Halos Heaven. Rev was nice enough to take a few moments away from celebrating Jerod Weaver's no-hitter to reply.

The Angels are 10-15, last in the AL West, 7 games back of the Rangers, but they just swept the Twins, so there is a little more hope in Orange County.

How is our old friend Vernon Wells doing? I see he was batting second yesterday, what's up with that?

Wells batting second produced more criticism from the Halos Heaven faithful in foresight than most of our 15 losses combined produced in hindsight. I can only imagine that Scioscia is winding down Vernon's regular playing time career by making him fail in every possible scenario.

While we are asking about former Jays, how is Snakeface (Scott Downs) doing? Is he closer? If not who is?

We call him Shut Downs and he got his second save on Monday after Jordan Walden was demoted from the closer's spot in the middle of last week. Scott had one of the best seasons by a set up man in club history last season. Mike Scioscia likes to stick to roles for players, especially relief pitchers and for him to make this move shows a deep confidence in Downs.

What's going on with Albert Pujols? Any signs that he is coming out of his slump (hopefully after this series)?

Eesh. Fingers crossed that it is just a result of being so happy.

Can you give us a quick scouting report on the starting pitchers the Jays will face? I'm happy that we are missing out on Jered Weaver.

Haren is an ace but he has a tendency to give up the HR, that is his achilles heel. Santana has been lousy almost every start and seems nonchalantly unfocused on the game more than ever. Wilson has been as advertised and if the Angels defense is on he is tough. Jerome Williams pitched a complete game shutout last time out and that is our number five starter. He has a rainbow curve that reminded me of Zito or Blyleven from my seats in the outfield last Tuesday.

Who is the Angels early season MVP and Cy Young?

Torii Hunter has defied Father Time and been an offensive force for a week. Weaver's no hitter puts him in early Cy territory. What the mood of Angels fans? Is there a feeling that they will come back and fight their way into contention in the AL West? We went from cocky to smitten to hopeful to excitedly hopeful in 25 games.