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Bluebird Banter Pick 6 Leader Board for May 30

We have a late deadline for Pick 6 today, all the games today are evening games. And there are only 3 of them. SB Nation is suggesting that we pick one player from each team today. If you want to do it that way, that's great. I figure after the 4 weeks of contests are over we'll play with fun rules a couple of days a week, but, since I can't really police different rules, we won't worry about trying these things now.

Our top 5 in the weekly contest are:

taawr 174.0

Matt_CC 161.2

blazekng 158.0

Lincsub4 146.2

mathesond 140.7

Yesterday's leader board:

Rank Player Points
1 Matt_CC 95.4
2 ThatsRobbery 88.7
3 expos&nordiques4ever 86.6
4 crawford_todd 82.7
5 chasiubao 79.4
6 KBunting 74.2
7 jays182 72.4
8 switchpitcher 71.9
9 blazekng 71.4
10 Jays11 71.4

Me? Well, let's just say I shouldn't have picked Ryan Dempster, he beat up by the Padres. The Padres. Oh well, Carlos Ruiz and Giancarlo Stanton were better picks but it was tough to climb out of the -18.5 hole Dempster put me in.