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Our Daily Blue Jay Roster Move: Robert Coello Called Up, Adam Lind Outrighted to Vegas one guessed this. Why we would need another arm in the bullpen, I have no idea. It just seems dumb to me, but here we are. Robert Coello come up from Las Vegas to take Aaron Laffey's roster spot. I don't get it at all. Coello is 27 and had a 3.22 ERA and 3-1 record in 17 games with the 51's.

He's a big guy, 6'5", so he can help out our pickup basketball team. Beyond that I have no idea.

And, here's the big news, to make room for Coello, Adam Lind was outrighted to Vegas. So, obviously the reports that he was on waivers were true. Adam will be in Vegas for a little while, I'd imagine. I figured with him hitting so well, we might see him sooner rather than later.

Still 8 guys in the bullpen. I don't know why. Still just 3 outfielders in Toronto, unless you count Mike McCoy or EE.

I don't understand.

I'm pretty sure no one in our thread guessed that Coello was the guy coming up in the Laffey thread.