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Alex Anthopoulos on Today's Moves

Alex Anthopoulos did a conference call to talk about today's moves. It was pretty short but he did make a few points:

  • About Adam Lind, Alex said 'we needed a spot on the 40 and he was put on waivers "a few days ago".
  • They figured Lind would clear waivers. They still hope he will be back with the team soon.
  • The reports on Lind are "very good", they are "very encouraged".
  • Alex talked to Adam today and Adam said that his timing is better and everything is as positive as it could be.
  • When Adam is ready to come back they will create a roster spot for him.
  • About Robert Coello, with the Red Sox here they wanted an extra arm in the pen. If all goes well, he won't pitch.
  • Laffey went down because he hadn't pitched for a few days and they want to keep him ready to start if needed.
  • After the next off-day they will reassess and, likely, will go back to a 7 man pen. He doesn't know who they might call up.
  • On Adeiny Hechavarria he said he would rather Adeiny stay in Vegas for the full season, if possible. That he's maybe not quite ready. Hechavarria hasn't had success for a long enough period of time and that he still had things to work on.
  • On Hammel's comments: Old news. Saw it and "turned the page".
  • He says he likes that "our guys" answer questions and blame themselves for their failures.