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I Got More Hits Than Sadaharu Oh: 5/4 Game Thread, Jays at Angels

So, Tom suggested we keep the Decemberists going, but I just couldn't resist a Paul's Boutique (my favourite Beasties' record) baseball reference given the sad circumstances of the day. RIP MCA.

The Jays look to follow up on yesterday's great game and get off to a 2-0 series lead tonight. Henderson Alvarez pitches for the Jays. Alvarez has had an interesting season so far for the Jays. He isn't striking anyone out (2.51 K/9), and is struggling a bit with the long ball, but he is also inducing a lot of ground balls, not walking many, and limiting the hard contact (12.5 LD%). Now, he can't keep up that line drive rate so his .196 BABIP will obviously jump significantly, and he won't continue to strand 85% of runners so his ERA is a bit of smoke and mirrors at the moment. On the other hand, he's not likely to continue to strike out only 6.7% of hitters either, and if he continues to induce grounders at such a high rate, he can afford the occasional single. He's coming off a couple of good starts, so he'll look to make it three in a row tonight. The enigmatic Ervin Santana pitches for the Angels. He's off to a terrible start, giving up a home run every three innings so far and still looking for his first win, but he's been frequently excellent over his career so at some point he's likely to put things together.

Lineups after the jump! I won't be around much for tonight's game, so if someone can handle the overflow that would be terrific. Cheers,

Los Angeles: