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Musical Interlude

Stupid cold had me up most the night, I finally took a NyQuil at about 3:30 or so, should have done it much earlier, so I'm groggy yet this morning, I don't think the NyQuil has left my system.

Thought I'd ask an off-topic question. What music are you listening to on your Ipod, CD player, record player, 8 track or whatever format you prefer?

For me, Levon Helm left us last week so I'm been on a binge from The Band and Levon's recent solo music. He had a live CD Ramble At the Ryman that came out not long ago, that and Dirt Farmer, his 2007 Grammy award winner have been playing in my car most of the time over the last week.

Let us know what you've been listening too.

While I'm off topic, my middle boy and I saw The Avengers yesterday. It was great fun. The best scenes were the ones with Robert Downey. He's just terrific. The Hulk had several good moments too.