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Adam Lind Homers Off a Lefty: Jays Still Lose

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Jays 2 Angels 6

You would think we ought to win if Lind hits a homer off a lefty. It would only be fair. But no.

That was just bad baseball. The Jays made 3 official errors. Adam Lind decided not to go down and get a ground ball. Jason Frasor and Luiz Perez each threw a double play ball into center field. There were also a half dozen, or so, unofficial errors. Twice Brett Lawrie went back to third base, instead of making a play on a bunt hit towards him. Twice. Once I can understand. Twice? Oh well. Brett also messed up twice as a base runner. Once he was at second on a fly ball, he should have tagged, he didn't, he went halfway to third. There was no reason to go halfway. If the ball landed, he would have secored, without the edge of going halfway to third. If he had tagged he could have moved off to third. It was a tight game at that point. It would have helped. Brett was also picked off first, with no outs in the 4th. Drabek had a couple of wild pitches that JP maybe should have blocked.

It was just one of those days.

Drabek pitched 5 innings, gave up 8 hits, walked 5, and yet when he left the game, he had only allowed 3 runs. But then he left the game with the bases loaded and no outs. Jason Frasor let two of those runners score. It was a bad start for Kyle. He could have been helped by some defense but he wasn't good.

We didn't do much on offense either. 6 hits total. Brett Lawrie had 2. Lind hit a homer off C.J. Wilson, so a victory for the small sample size decision to put him in the lineup. Edwin Encarnacion hit a fly ball that was just a couple of feet short of a homer, in the 8th, with one on. If it had gone out, we would have been down by just one, but instead Vernon Wells caught it.

No Jays of the Day today. Yunel gets the high number with a .054 WPA off a single and a walk. Suckage award goes to Drabek (-.254).

That was a bad game but after 4 straight wins, we'll forgive a bad game, it they get them tomorrow. It's an earlier start, 3:30 Eastern. Drew Hutchison (1-0, 6.61) goes against Jerome Williams (2-1, 3.55).