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Pick 6 Reminder and Open Thread

Just a little over 2 hours until today's deadline for Pick 6. Starting next week we'll have a couple of prizes each week for the folks that do best at Pick 6 (lovely and wonderful lawyers willing), so if you haven't played yet, it is time to get in on it. Learn how it works now so that you have your strategy down when there are prizes to be won. My strategy? Figure out which 6 guys will forget how to play baseball that day and then pick them. It's tough, but I have the ability.

Yesterday Peg Jays Fan was the winner with 84.8 (13th in SB Nation), with choices of Jered Weaver (who didn't pick Weaver yesterday, getting to face the Twins again, after no-hitting them last start?) Yadier Molina, David Ortiz (28.2 points). Elvis Andrus, Matt Kemp and Mike Adams. Rounding out the top 5 are wuckfestern, Punisher88888, Aidin and Khute. Bottom 5 were Monsrtour (-5.3), Carm, No Bunting (who won the other day), hoph (who I think has also been the high score in the past few days and yellowalman. That's the fun of the game, one day you can be at the top and the next down at the bottom.

I'm also going to make this an open thread, so you can discuss anything you want, Blue Jay related or Pick 6 related. I'm starting the 3 day drive towards Minneapolis later today and I'm running around trying to get everything packed. It wouldn't be any fun if I was all ready to go before the last minute. I wonder where my passport is......