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Oh, Oh big old jet airliner, don't carry me too far away: Come meet us at Rogers Centre

I'm off to the airport in a little bit, heading to Toronto for 6 games and some, maybe, a little bit sightseeing.

I thought I'd post where I'll be sitting for each of the games, just in case you are there and would like to come say hi. Please do, half the fun of going to live baseball is the chance to talk to other baseball fans.

Series against the Washington Nationals:

Monday - Section 128L Row 16 Seat 102
Tuesday - Section 115L Row 15 Seat 102
Wednesday - Section 120L Row 18 Seat 103

The Series against the Philadelphia Phillies:

Friday - Section 124R Row 30 Seat 4
Saturday - Section 128L Row 24 Seat 102
Sunday - Section 124L Row 20 Seat 102

TonyFernandezSavedMyLife and Minor Leaguer will be sitting with us for the Monday and Friday game. At most of the games I'll be wearing one of my BBB t-shirts, the Pick 6 shirt or a SB Nation t-shirt. As Minor Leaguer said, on the Saturday, after the game, we'll have a meet up at a bar in the area, but that doesn't mean we are against the idea of going for drinks after any of the other games. If you are at one of the games and want to get a beer (or a coke) after, just ask, or email me. On Friday we'll go for lunch with anyone who'd like to join us.

Hope to see you there. Title comes from the Steve Miller song, Jet Airliner. I was going to use lyrics from Woody Guthrie's Deportee (Plane Wreck At Los Gatos), but I'm superstitious enough to think it is bad mojo to put the idea of a plane crash into the ether.