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Tuesday Links Madness

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So much testosterone in one picture!
So much testosterone in one picture!

Sorry for the lack of links posts from me last week. Summers are a busy time and these posts take a while to put together. As usual, I'll start you off with game recaps from Robert Macleod, Gregor Chisholm and Griffin. The big news from yesterday is that Morrow injured his oblique. We should find out more information in the next couple of days regarding the seriousness of that. Who do you think gets the call up while he's out? Here is the Gameday Preview of tonight's game. Hopefully the Jays fare a little better tonight, both results wise and on the injury front.


Clearing up draft signings
Shi Davidi breaks down who has signed, and what that means for the players that haven't. Sounds like a good haul so far.

Sexy & 17!
Batters Box reviews yesterdays minor league games. 3 wins in 4 games!

Why I Can't Stand Interleague Play
The interleague portion of the schedule is definitely my least favorite part of the season. I agree with most of what Ian says here.

Here's a question for Blue Jays fans - would you rather see the Blue Jays play a series against the Florida Marlins? Or would you rather see them play the Detroit Tigers more than two series a season?

My answer - the Tigers. How about you? A balanced AL only schedule is my baseball dream, which means it's never going to happen.

Lawrie, offense showing positive signs
Chisholm has a few notes regarding Lawrie, Lind and all-star voting.

Noah Syndergaard and the Problems of Piggybacking
Noah Syndergaard and Anthony DeSclafani have been piggybacking in their games for the Lugnuts this season, but with some alarming splits. When should the Jays put an end to the piggybacking for these pitchers?

Thames not moping after Blue Jays send him down
He's still not hitting much, but at least he has the right attitude.

Advance Scout: Nationals
A day late here, but Anders at Batters Box previews the pitching match-ups against the Nationals.

2012 MLB Draft: American League Eastern Division Commentary
John Sickels has a brief review of each teams draft. He liked the Jays draft and finished his review with this:

Having the extra supplemental picks this year gives them a large enough bonus pool to make this work, since they were willing to punt the middle rounds with seniors. If they pull it off you can expect more teams to follow this model in the future.

So what will AA's new strategy be next year to stay ahead of the curve?

Buyers, Holders, or Sellers?
Dave Cameron with the list. What do you think - are the Jays likely buyers? On a related note, Eric Seidman tells us that the Phillies are sellers.

As usual, lots of links from around the league after the jump!


Josh Hamilton is this fall's prize free agent
It's early, and this list is already out of date thanks to Ethier signing yesterday, but Jeff Passan takes a very in depth look at this off-seaon's free agent list. What would the Jays dream list look like?

Q&A: Washington Nationals GM Mike Rizzo
An interesting interview, where Rizzo talks about the use of sabremetrics for lineup construction and player development / scouting.

Three Things About the Pirates
The Pirates are tied for first. Really. And I know that a lot of that is due to the crappiness of the NL Central, but who wouldn't love to see this team win? Matt Klassen writes about their season (and their hilariously bad offense).

Prior working hard to find road back
Prior is healthy (or as healthy as he can be), and pitching for the Red Sox AAA team. The one time phenom hasn't pitched in the majors since 2006! This is one Red Sox player that I might actually be rooting for.

Will Tim Lincecum's Luck Ever Turn?
Lincecum is having a historically bad season - Rob Neyer wonders when he'll turn it around.

Canadian rookie Diamond keeps shining for Twins
He's having a good season one year after being a Rule 5 Draftee.

Cubs Win Bidding for Jorge Soler
I guess the Jays weren't in on him, as rumoured yesterday.

The Minor Leagues' Colorful Team Names
One of the best things about the minor leagues is the wide range of team names. And it's always been that way, as a wonderful new book demonstrates.

Bobby Valentine: Technology would help umpires
Hopefully more coaches get on board!

Josh Hamilton Dominates A.L. All-Star Balloting
Here's the all-star voting so far.