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Tuesday Morning Bantering: Notes from Yesterday

The good news, Chad, is that you picked up a few extra dollars to spend in the casinos. (Photo by Brad White/Getty Images)
The good news, Chad, is that you picked up a few extra dollars to spend in the casinos. (Photo by Brad White/Getty Images)
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Even thought it wasn't the best of baseball games, we had a good time at the ballpark last night. Great to meet Minor Leager and TFSML. Seemed like old friends that we were meeting for the first time. And then beer after the game with Minor Leaguer was very nice, at C'est What. I had a very nice dark beer, the name of which I've forgotten. The game itself, not as much fun.

Random notes from the last couple of days:

  • We knew it wasn't going to be a great game when Brandon Morrow grabbed at his side after the second pitch to the second batter. We guessed it was an oblique right away. The day-to-day the Jays suggested, soon afterwards, seems to be wishful thinking, I'm pretty sure he'll have a DL stint, but hoping not a long one. With the off day Thursday, we won't need someone to fill his spot until the 20th. The Jays could wait a few days, to see if Brandon can recover by then, since they can put him on the DL retroactively. I guess we'll find out later today.
  • I was fairly impressed with Chad Beck, coming in in a tough spot, knowing tht he had to eat some innings, and, likely, knowing that because he was going to pitch a few innings, that he was going back to Vegas after the game. It is fun to know that AA treats the back of the bullpen the same way I do on OOTP Baseball. If the back of the bullpen guy goes more than an inning, I send him down to the minors, and call up someone that could help tomorrow. Course, I don't have to fly guys in and out of Vegas, in the game.
  • Jays called up Aaron Laffey and Evan Crawford, after the game. Beck goes down and they will decided on the other move today. Either Morrow goes on the DL, Mike McCoy goes down or, the longshot, Francisco Cordero gets released.
  • Francisco didn't endear himself to the fans last night, starting his inning by giving up a home run and a double, before settling down and getting out of the inning. I really don't understand the fans booing when he came into the game. Why cheer against one of your guys. And really, what better spot for Cordero. It was much better than sending him in to a tied game in the 10th inning, with a far better arm sitting in the pen. That said, I wouldn't be totally surprised if the team released him soon.
  • We din't do much on offense, a solo homer for Colby Rasmus in the first, a 2-run pinch hit homer for Yan Gomes in the 9th (our first pinch hit home run since Lind back in 2010, but then we don't pinch hit much), a double for Edwin Encarnacion, a single and walk for J.P. Arencibia, a single for Brett Lawrie and a couple of walks to Jose Bautista. I figured we should have done a little better against Edwin Jackson.
  • I'm sure you've all seen this, but the Jays signed 3 of their first round picks: D.J. Davis, Mitchell Nay and Tyler Gonzales. The don't list Matt Smoal as signed, but I've heard that it is either done or soon to be done. Marcus Stroman is the other first rounder that they don't list as signed.
  • More stuff I'm sure you heard, but John Farrell told reporters that Adam Lind was 'out of shape' went they sent him down to the minors. I'm not sure what the point of tell us that is, but John Lott tells us that " conditioning was specifically addressed as a factor "that took away from his range, and we felt like it reduced the bat speed," Farrell said."
  • Brett Cecil is being moved up from New Hampshire to Vegas. I don't think there is anything to read into that, other than Vegas needs another starter since Laffey is up with the Jays (for at least a couple of days).
  • I hope Travis Snider's wrist is feeling good and that his timing is ok after the latest stint on the DL. I'm tired of watching Rajai Davis play LF everyday. I'm ok with him platooning with Travis, but watching him take wild swings at whatever RHP throw him has worn thin for me. I'd very much like better than a .307 OBP from my left-fielder, especially when he has the speed Davis has.

It was nice to meet a few people from the site at the game last night. If you are at Rogers Centre tonight, I'll be somewhere around Section 115L, Row 15, Seat 102. Come by and say hi.