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Brandon Morrow Placed on the DL

Brandon Morrow is going on the DL and with the Jays not needing someone to make a start in his spot until the 20th, I'm imagining Yan Gomes will be back any minute now, if he actually left Toronto. I'll be glad to have Gomes back (forget imaging, the Jays have said Gomes is on the roster today).

I hate the 8 man bullpen. Last night, we are down 2 in the 9th, Jeff Mathis is due up and I figured he was going to have to hit, but no, we pinch hit with Omar Vizquel. Now Omar is on the team for his glove or because he gives the team someone that can answer the question 'where were you when Kennedy got shot?' He definitely not there to pinch hit. And, if you watched his swing, on the ball he popped up, you'll know why. But with 8 guys in the bullpen, we have no room for someone with a decent bat to come into the game in that spot.

It bugs me, for the sake of having Aaron Laffey in the bullpen, we can't have someone on the bench that can hit his way out of a wet paper bag. Laffey isn't going to go into any game we have a shot at winning. He's just there to take some innings in a game that's already been lost. I don't understand the point, when we already have Mike McCoy on the roster.

Anyway, back to the point. John Farrell has said that Jesse Chavez, Joel Carreno and Brett Cecil are the three that are in the running to get Morrow's spot in the rotation. Which one would you rather see them call up? It is pretty tough to guess how long someone will be needed. Oblique strains have to be completely healed before the pitcher can get back to 'baseball activities', considering how much strain there is on that part of the body during the act of pitching.

Chavez is 6-2, 3.68, in 11 PCL starts. 63.2 innings, 54 hits, 13 walks, 60 k.

Carreno is 2-2, 6.20, in 4 Vegas starts, 20.1 innings, 4 walks, 17 k. He also has 6 New Hampshire starts, 1-3, 4.25, 29.2, 12 walks, 31 k.

Cecil had the 1 Vegas start. 6.2, 11 hits, 3 earned, 0 walks, 6 k. As a Fisher Cat 3-2, 3.38, 9 starts, 42.2, 14 walks, 34 k.