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Bluebird Banter Luncheon & Draught Day -- Final Details!


Hey yall! Here are the final details of the two official Bluebird Banter meetups this weekend. Now, since Tom is going to be at the game with TFSML on Friday, there may be an unofficial post-game drink-grabbing announced. Just follow their Twitter feeds (@bluebirdbanter, @TFSML) if you don't want to miss out.

Everyone is welcome--please feel free to invite your friends or random people you meet on the street!

Friday, June 15 @ 12 Noon - Bluebird Banter Luncheon

  • Venue: Jack Astor's Front Street
  • Address: 144 Front Street West (at University Avenue). Closest subway station: St. Andrew (walk south)
  • Time: Tom and Carm will be there starting at 12 noon. I'm sure they'll be wearing Bluebird Banter t-shirts or something.

Saturday, June 16 @ After The Game - Bluebird Banter Draught Day

  • Venue: Loose Moose
  • Address: 146 Front Street West (just west of University). Closet subway station: St. Andrew (walk south then west)
  • Time: We will make our way there right after the Saturday game against the Phillies. Just ask the servers for the Bluebird Banter party.

Don't be shy, come and say hi!