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Open Thread: Is it Time for Some Trades?


It is so easy to get over worried about the team after watching them be swept at home. Especially when 2 starting pitchers take themselves out of games with injuries. We aren't going to see Brandon for a while. Drabek? The term popping is scary. If he felt popping today, why wouldn't it happen again in 5 days?

There a urge to say 'lets make some trades'. But really, is it time to be making trades?

I came into the season thinking this wasn't our year, that we are getting closer, but we needed this year to find out a few things. Then we won almost all our spring games, and as much as you can say 'our minor leaguers beat their minor leaguers', most of the time it was our regulars that won us the games. It pushed up the expectations.

So, I wanted to ask if you if you want the team making some trades now?

I don't, I'm thinking we should see how long Morrow is out, see if Snider can help and pretty much ride it out with what we have. I don't want to give up good prospects right now. Maybe by the trade deadline I'll change my mind.

One thing I wouldn't mind is seeing if we can get something for JP. d'Arnaud is looking like he is ready and I think he is the future. Why not see if the future is now. Get him some major league experience. I don't see any reason he shouldn't be in the majors next year, so why not let him see what life is like here now.

Beyond that, I'm not looking to have Anthony Gose called up, he could use more time. So I wouldn't want Colby traded. Hechavarria? Same, he needs more time, so I wouldn't want to trade Yunel.

Anyway, open thread. Do you want to see some trades made now? Suggest what you would like to see the Jays do.