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The Curse Of Tom Dakers

Well that last series wasn't fun.

Now that Bryce 'Bro' Harper has soberly sashayed out of town, taking with him what used be Canada's first MLB team I'd like to take a moment to recognize all the fans that came out to that 3 game nightmare dressed as Expos.Your dedication is inspiring to see, like a Zombie attack survivor that keeps the putrefying remains of his loving wife in the garage -a shell of what she once was and now if given the chance a monster that would eat his guts while he screamed for death. That's pretty much what happened at the dome and the boss was there live and in the flesh to witness it all!

So I ask you is Tom Dakers the curse of the Blue Jays 2012 season????

Kyle DrabekRoy Halladay

. No Joe Carter, John Olerud, The Tony or Alomar -none of them will be on the field but maybe, just maybe this current Blue Jays team can show us a glimpse into the future of the team that can become. The team that will take us back to the WS for a 3rd time!Let's pray we get a series win so Tom and Carm can leave Toronto without the need of a Police escort!

No time for line-ups as I'm already late for the BBB meet up! I'm asking MjwW to put them up for me. If he refuses then someone else please chip in -thanks.

Drew Hutchison

#36 / Pitcher / Toronto Blue Jays





Aug 22, 1990

Vance Worley

#49 / Pitcher / Philadelphia Phillies





Sep 25, 1987

The BBB rules of engagement are written for your safety and for that of your team. They are not flexible, nor am I. Either obey them or you are history!


Lift this curse!


Is Tom Dakers a Blue Jay Jinx?

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