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Drew Hutchison leaves with injury - Jays bullpen shuts down the Phillies and win 3-0

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You've got to be kidding me. Another day another pitcher hits the infirmary. In one trip through the rotation the Jays have now had 3 starters leave the game early due to an injury of some sort. Drew Hutchison left after throwing only 9 pitches, the initial reports are sore elbow, which quite frankly is horrifying. With Brandon Morrow, Kyle Drabek and now Drew Hutchison leaving the Jays rotation is going to feature a patchwork of starters that most of us weren't expecting this year. Brett Cecil has already been recalled, and after the performance today people on twitter have started to wonder if Carlos Villaneuva deserves a start.

The bullpen did a fantastic job tonight even though they had to pick up an entire game for the second time in 4 games. Aaron Laffey came out for 1.1 giving up a hit and a walk before Carlos Villaneuva took over. Carlos did fantastic going 4 innings with 5Ks vs 2Hs and 2BBS. Jason Frasor and Darren Oliver were up next with an inning each, both got a K with Frasor giving up a walk and Oliver giving up a H and a HBP. Casey Janssen was up for the ninth for his first chance at a save in quite some time and he locked it down with minimal trouble surrending only an infield single.

At the plate the Jays only had 6 hits. Brett Lawrie had two doubles and Kelly Johnson had 2 singles. Rajai Davis had a double and Jose Bautista had a hit as well to round it out. Bautista and Davis both walked as well. The Jays were helped out a bit by the Phillies defense to score a couple of their runs. In the 4th inning after Bautista's single, Edwin Encarnacion grounded into what could have become a double play. Instead the ball was thrown into LF which allowed Bautista to score and Edwin to move to third. Edwin would eventually score as well on a groundout.

The big question after the game today is going to be how bad is Hutchnson? And if he is going to miss some time who is going to take his place in the rotation? Jesse Chavez was supposed to be one the frontrunners to get called up when Brett Cecil got the call instead. So you have to figure that he is on the short list.

Jays of the Day: Carlos Villaneuva -- Edwin has the number for it (an even 100) but I can't give him one since he got all of that on a fielders choice.

Suckage: None

Tomorrow is an afternoon affair with Cliff Lee who is still winless up against the Jays leader in wins Ricky Romero, Game gets going at 1.