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I Forget What Eight Was For: 6/19 Game Thread, Jays at Milwaukee

Hi everyone. I won't be around for tonight's game as my band is rehearsing, but I hope folks are able to enjoy it. Yesterday wasn't a particularly fun one, though I do enjoy watching Bautista and Encarnacion hit bombs and it's great to see Lawrie driving the ball. The Jays were supposed to face old friend Shaun Marcum tonight. Marcum is putting together another excellent season, with three times as many strikeouts as walks and 77 Ks in 82 1/3 innings. He doesn't blow you away, but he has been one of baseball's more consistent pitchers over his career. As a soft-throwing righty, he's a risk for a team in terms of a long-term free agent contract, but I'm rooting for him to get a big fat contract anyway. Complicating matters, Marcum was scratched from today's start due to elbow tightness, but I felt like writing about him anyway.

Starting for Milwaukee instead is rookie Tyler Thornburg. The young righty is just 23 and has played this half-season in AA, where he has done very well. Although his K numbers have dropped slightly from where they were in the low minors, his walk numbers have also dropped so he's been very effective. Thornburg, like Marcum, is a former 3rd round pick, so there's some interesting trivia for you.

Jesse Chavez pitches for the Jays. He'll be 29 in two months and is making his first career major league start, not much else to say about that.

You know the rules, no images until the game is over, no posting or discussing illegal streams, and, of course, don't be terrible.

Today's title is from the amazing song "Kiss Off" by Milwaukee's very own Violent Femmes. I hope you know this will go down on your permenant record.

Let's go Jays!