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Tuesday Bantering

A whole bunch of little things that I don't fell like padding into a full post:

  • Vlad Guerrero still hasn't signed with another team, which surprises me. Why jump ship here if you didn't have an idea of a place to land after. It doesn't make much sense. I'm sure playing in the heat of Vegas isn't exactly fun, but why give up so quick?
  • R.A. Dickey throws consecutive 1-hitters. The last pitcher to do that? Dave Stieb.
  • Roger Clemens was found not guilty of lying to Congress. I don't think it will carry any weight at all with Hall of Fame voters, since they don't use the 'beyond a reasonable doubt' standard that a court of law does. I do think it is too bad that the Mitchell Report didn't use a higher standard to presume guilt than 'someone told us he did it'. Course, I don't really think the jury really believes that Clemens didn't use, I think they just didn't care that he lied to Congress about it.
  • The Cubs put Ryan Demster on the DL yesterday, so we won't have to hear about how the Jays should trade for him, at least for the next couple of weeks.
  • Aaron Hill hit for the cycle last night. Glad to see him doing well in Arizona, I'll always be a fan.
  • I'm tired of Gregg Zaun already. Telling us that Travis d'Arnaud is a one dimensional catcher or offence only catcher (isn't JP an offensive catcher, he just doesn't hit for weeks at a time) or that we lost the Lawrie/Marcum trade (I love Shaun but I'd much rather have a young Brett Lawrie, cost controlled for several years, than a 30 year old Marcum and have to figure out how much you want to offer him to stop him from filing for free agency). It seems like Zaun is just saying things to get noticed. And it's working, I'm writing about him.
  • Evan Longoria 'suspended his rehab'. We aren't the only team with injury problems, the Yankees might start to run away with the division, but 2nd and 3rd are still up for grabs.
  • I really don't want Jeremy Guthrie.
  • Travis Snider is 3 for 8, with 2 walks and 1 k in his first 2 games back in Vegas. Can we call him up soon, please?
  • Are we all agreed that it is most likely to be Carlos Villanueva starting tomorrow night? Are we also agreed that Carlos starting is near the top of the list for things we didn't want to see happen this season?