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My Mind Is Quiet When My Thoughts Are Slow: 6/2 Game Thread, Boston at Jays

Yesterday was fun for Mets fans, not so much for Jays fans. But today's a new day.

Kyle Drabek pitches for the Jays. Riding high in April, Drabek struck out only 16 and walked 22 batters in the month of May, and it really caught up to him in his last start at Texas where he got shelled, but he's looking to change that tune and get back on top, back on top in June.

Felix Doubront pitches for Boston and he's been pretty good for them so far this season. Boston has been picking it up of late and so the Jays are going to have to play a lot better than they did yesterday to take this series.

Unfortunately I'll be missing today's game, as some good friends are having a first birthday party for their son. But before that I'm going to get out and go for a nice long trail run. I have a road race next week, and probably should be taking it a little easy this week, but the weather's way too nice.

You know the rules, no streaming, no images until the game's over, and don't be terrible.

Today's title comes from the great song "City vs. Country" by Boston's very own troubadour Jonathan Richman