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Early Deadline for Pick 6: 1:00 Eastern

We have an early deadline for Pick 6 today, about an hour and half from now.

I didn't put up the winners from our last week of the Pick 6 T-shirt contest, we were pretty busy in Toronto. The weekly winner was Toronto Blue Jamie and the daily winner was justinswu. You both should have been contacted by now for your info so they can mail you off your shirts. If you haven't heard from SB yet, or if any winner hasn't been contacted yet, send me an email and I'll check into it.

Here is yesterday's leader board....I came in 11th. A.J. Ellis cost me, his -3 kept me out of the top ten.

Rank Player Points
1 Blue and White Expat 77.0
2 knoxy06 66.7
3 hansdampf 66.3
4 HESS2479 62.4
5 Bluebird in Boulder 58.7
6 moxman2 57.7
7 cambo 57.2
8 jOEY_bATTS 54.6
9 jays182 54.0
10 rancemulliniks 52.8

Get your picks in for today.