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Blue Jay Roster Move Du Jour: Joel Carreno Down, David Pauley Added

The Jays had to add David Pauley to the active roster, as they picked him up off waivers from the Angels yesterday and couldn't send him to the minors without exposing him to waivers again. In five relief appearances for the Angels this season he has posted a 0-1 record with a 4.35 ERA.

I'm surprised the Carreno is the one going down. I guess the Jays don't want to give him another start. I figured they might as well let him have another try but he can't come back for 10 days, unless (God forbid) there is another injury.

I don't see Pauley getting the start, the next time around, but he has made 5 starts in AAA this season, so it is possible. Though likely anyone other than me and maybe my youngest son has a shot at getting that start (and I'm not sure about my son, he may have a shot).

So, goodbye Joel, I'm sure we'll see you again. Hello David, be careful, our pitchers tend to break.