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Quick Recap: Jays Beat Marlins

Jays 7 Marlins 1

Just a quick recap from a Starbucks, on my tablet, I'll do a fuller version later.

Nice start from Brett Cecil. 6 inning plus, gave up just 1 run. Likely shouldn;'t have been sent out in the 7th, but easy to say afterwards. I tend to think there was soon luck, but he did a good job. Too bad he didn't get the win.

Jason Frasor did great, coming in with a runner on second with no outs and didn't allow the run to score. Casey Janssen pitched a quick and easy 9th.

We scored one early, Edwin scored on a squeeze by Rajai. i liked the squeeze, but didn't like the sac bunt by Yunel before it. Then in the 9th we scored 6. a solo homer by Edwin to give us the lead. Then we loaded the bases for Colby and he hit a grand slam.

You can fill in the rest below.