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Well at least inter-league is over - Jays lose 9-0 in the finale against the Marlins

The less said the better. Jesse Chavez simply isn't a major league pitcher at this point as I don't really think anyone can really expect him to provide a quality start anytime he takes the mound. The problem the Jays face is there are not really any better options.

Mark Buehrle was good for the fish today, he was his classic shelf being quick working and made quick work of the Jays. While the Jays did manage 7 hits off of the guy it didn't amount to much.

The only silver lining here is the fact that Chavez made it through 6 innings so it didn't burn the pen too bad before heading to Boston. Coello came out and did even worse then Chavez, not getting a single out before giving up a HBP, Walk and triple. Pauley and Cordero closed out the game with an inning each.

No Jays of the game

Bad moment earlier in the game when it was still somewhat close. It was 4-0 Miami when Lawrie had a double, Rasmus had a hard hit single to RF and Lawrie went home. Im unsure if he was sent or decided to go since the replay I couldn't see Butter but it was a bad decision either way. He was out by a mile and really killed any chance the Jays had at a rally.

Boston up next. Thankfully no more national league rules.