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Yet Another Injury: Travis d'Arnaud Tears Knee Ligament

Gregor Chisholm is reporting the Travis d'Arnaud tore his posterior cruciate knee ligament yesterday. He slide into second and the infielder fell on him. He's won't need surgery but he is out 6-8 weeks. So there goes that little fantasy, I didn't figure it was likely that we'd see that Travis before September, but there was the thought that J.P. Arencibia might be traded to get us a starter. 8 weeks puts us into August, so now there is no hope to see him before September.

The other injury from last year, Henderson Alvarez, had an MRI and it is just elbow inflammation and he is expected to make his next start. Nice to hear, though I'll believe it when I see him out there throwing.

The other bit of news is that Jamie Moyer is signed for a two game trial at Vegas, after the two games, the Jays are to decide if they want to promote him or release him. I hope it is release but the way things are going, we may need him. Maybe we'll try to sign Tim Wakefield too.